Our mission is to produce, create, and perform plays and musicals of a unique and obscure nature in  

English, Spanish, and other languages. We believe in uniting artists and audiences through the performing arts. We  support all mediums and possess a strong desire to promote pieces that hit the nerves, awaken

the senses and ignite our passions. ​So why Calavera? A Calavera is usually created in memory of a loved one who has died.  ​​We do not mourn the death, we celebrate the life. In death we are all united; there is nothing left to divide us.


WHO we are....


come check us out!

No theatre experience?

      No problem, we'll teach you!

No time for rehearsals?

​     No worries, we need help with publicity, marketing, ticket sales and a bunch of admin stuff!

​You smell, and keep a healthy supply of trash bags, duct tape and a shovel in your trunk?

​      You can work on T-shirts!

Send us an email with your interests and talents, we'll find something for you to do! ​​


Calavera Theatre Company (CTC) is dedicated to performing  unique plays across a broad spectrum.

A new company, we expect some "growing pains" and invite you to grab a front row seat and watch the show! We are real  people, with real bills, and other jobs that pay the rent.

If you would like to join Calavera for a spell, please send us a  message.

We'd love to hear from you!