Our mission is to produce, create, and perform plays and musicals of a unique and obscure nature in English, Spanish, and other languages, provide Mexican folkloric dance classes, create and host culturally-rich activities and events. We believe in uniting artists and audiences through the performing arts. We  support all mediums and possess a strong desire to promote pieces that hit the nerves, awaken ​the senses and ignite our passions.


A Calavera (sugar skull) is created in memory of a loved one who has died.  ​​We do not mourn the death, we celebrate the life. The calavera is decorated with bright colors, symbols, and flowers then put on display on an alter during mid-October and November 2nd in honor of Dia de los Muertos. Alters are decorated with photos of the departed, filled with their favorite foods, candles, and memorabilia. We chose the calavera as our logo as we believe we are all created equal and there is no greater equalizer than death. We are all made of skin and bone. We all share this world and have a story to share. Just like each of us will leave an imprint on those around us, we hope Calavera Theatre Company will leave an imprint on our audience and company members. 


In 1998, Teatro del Sol (TDS) was formed in Northwest Indiana by a group of college students with a desire to produce and perform plays by Latino playwrights in English and/or Spanish. After multiple productions, the group dissolved.  In 2016, Calavera Theatre Company, LLC was formed in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex by TDS founder, Summer Coronado, with a similar objective. While in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we had the privilege to work with multiple performing arts groups and had the distinct honor of performing at the Bath House Cultural Center of Dallas. In 2020 we moved our operations to Northwest Indiana. We look forward to serving the community by adding English and Spanish-language theatre productions in our new home in Griffith, Indiana. In addition to providing theatre, writing, and dance workshops, we will begin our youth theatre program which will include Spanish language productions. 

During these uncertain and infectious times, we find ourselves looking for new opportunities to serve the arts community and those who live to create art in a safe environment. Check out our Facebook page for current and upcoming events.  


If you are interested in joining our team as an artistic contributor, performer, volunteer, or coordinator, send us a message, an email, a FB post, or come to one of our events! Everyone is welcome. If you have NO DESIRE to perform on stage - NO WORRIES. There are a million ways to participate.